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High quality alternatives to what's available on the market.

The name of my company, Forever Homecoming, is derived from the longstanding HBCU tradition of Homecoming.  Every year, students and alumni converge on their respective HBCU campuses to embrace each other, reminisce, and share love.  The experience is so euphoric that participants often lament that they have to wait a whole year to experience those feelings again.  That’s where we step in.  Our goal is to bring a little piece of Homecoming to you, all year long.  Because here, it’s Forever Homecoming.  While we will eventually offer a broad array of items, our first two products are our refreshing Sweet Teas and our acclaimed Mac & Cheese.  Our teas are refreshing, versatile, and pair with any number of your favorite meals and desserts.  Our mac and cheese is savory, cheesy, and baked to golden perfection.  

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